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We select wedding accessories

Wedding accessories play the role of those important details that complement the image of every bride.

Veil and veil

A symbol of purity and innocence. For a wedding - an obligatory element of a wedding dress. Often the veil is replaced by:

  • lace capes;
  • veil;
  • stole;
  • shawl;
  • hat;
  • a wreath of natural and artificial flowers.

When choosing a veil, make sure that you are comfortable. It is better to give up the veil altogether than to constantly worry that someone will ruin the delicate lace by inadvertently stepping on the long edge of the veil. The traditional color is white. However, you can easily pick up an elegant cape in pink, yellow, blue, red. The veil is decorated with beads, small flowers, lace. Make sure that the decor of the dress is in harmony with the decor of the veil. Sometimes the bride is inherited by her grandmother or mother's wedding decoration, which is very symbolic and beautiful. Make sure, however, that the color of your grandmother's veil does not contrast with the luxurious white wedding dress.

Diadem, wreath

Pearls, beads, rhinestones, artificial or natural flowers in a wreath look very beautiful, sophisticated and modern. When choosing or ordering a wreath from a florist, it is advisable to take into account the decor of your wedding dress and veil. A diadem is an exquisite wedding decoration made of precious stones or costume jewelry. As a rule, the diadem emphasizes the elegant sophistication of the bride's style, so there is no splendor or complexity in the hairstyle.


As a rule, a hat complements a short wedding dress or trouser suit. The choice is quite large and interesting - small neat hats or hats with wide brim, decorated with pearls or beads, white or contrasting with the color of the dress. But a sense of proportion is always appropriate.

Brooches, jewelry

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces complement the bride's image, make it richer and more luxurious. The decoration can be very diverse. Consider the style of your wedding dress when choosing jewelry. It is not necessary to "weight" a lush and complicated dress with massive brooches, bracelets and earrings. Conversely, the elegant simplicity of your dress can be embellished with exquisite jewelry. If your wedding outfit is far from traditional, modern costume jewelry can very well emphasize your chosen image.


It is recommended to buy with a dress. Then it is easier to choose the color, the optimal length, "guess" with the decor. Make sure the gloves do not make your hands look fat or too long and thin. Be sure to think about how it will be most convenient for you to take off and put on gloves at the wedding ceremony.

Wedding shoes

First of all, it is comfortable, even if it is a heel and a high platform. Then consider the color and texture of the shoe material. The traditional color is white, milky, pearl or ivory. It is advisable to select the height of the heel of your shoes or boots according to the length of your dress. The optimal length of the dress is at least 3 cm from the floor.


For those brides who wish to have a mirror, powder or lipstick on hand, an elegant handbag will come in handy. It is advisable to choose a handbag to match the wedding dress.

The list of wedding accessories can be continued indefinitely, for example: garters, boas, etc. However, the most important rule should be taken into account - correctly selected accessories decorate even the simplest wedding dress, making the bride individual and unlike others. Happy choice to you!