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Evening dresses

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This is a must-have closet item for every woman, and not just one. Basic characteristics of evening dresses.

Each outfit is evaluated by a woman in terms of several important parameters:

  • peculiarities of style. It is key because with it you can accentuate the advantages of the body and disguise the things that you would not want to emphasize. In addition, the cut of evening dress determines the style and purpose of the outfit.
  • color. It determines the mood of the owner of the dress; it is also a way of expressing the taste preferences and even character;
  • color.
  • facture. This parameter is important because it largely determines the quality of the product, the way it sits on the figure, the season it can be worn and for what occasion.
  • decorative elements. They may not be present at all, they may be present in a minimal amount, and someone chooses a model with their abundance. These details can set the overall concept of evening dress, or may just emphasize it.

Consider all the parameters is worth considering comprehensively, evaluating them in combination with each other. It allows you to find not only a beautiful, but also a stylish and harmonious model.

Types of evening dresses (Kiev)

These should be taken into consideration when choosing a dress. Evening dresses are as follows:

  • cocktail. In such evening attire you can go to a party, to the club, to the celebration. The main characteristic is the medium or short length. The cut, color, and material of the outfit may be any;
  • official. This is the best option for visiting auctions, social, cultural events, charity evenings. These female evening dresses are characterized by the fact that they, as a rule, are monochromatic, without decorative elements or with their minimal number, often without sleeves and shoulder straps;
  • bal. These models usually have a corset (top) part and a fluffy or flared skirt. In this outfit attend dance events.
  • small black dress. A universal model that can be worn to any celebration, for a trip to a club, restaurant, etc.
  • wedding. One of the most favorite options for girls, in which they spend the happiest day of their lives. Modern fashion offers a variety of colors, styles, and styles of these clothes.

Each type of evening gown has its purpose, according to which you should make a choice. If you don't take this criterion into consideration, even the most beautiful gown can look ridiculous and inappropriate if you wear it for the wrong occasion.

Popular silhouettes

All outfits are divided into the following basic types based on the shape of the cut:

  • A-silhouette. This is the most common variant, which is fitted and expanded to the bottom, so that the skirt of the product resembles a bell. The choice of such a model can be chosen by a woman with any type of shape.
  • bal. The top of the product is light, often with open shoulders, and the bottom - magnificent, usually multi-layered.
  • balloon. The peculiarity of this silhouette is the skirt. It is heavy and voluminous, reminiscent of the inflated sphere or a hemisphere;
  • Pencil. This is a fairly laconic option, implying a straight cut, but it does not cuddle the figure.

The type of silhouette of women's evening dress may be a fitted, assuming form-fitting. Such a style is more acceptable for parties, going to the club, but it should be taken into account that it requires an ideal figure.

Accessories for a perfect image

In the wrong style, they can distort the look. For a flawless look, use these selection tips:

  • In order to get a flawless look
  • If you decide to wear an expensive, massive jewelry or several of them, choose a classic evening dress without an abundance of decorative elements. Let there be a laconic cut and calm color. If the emphasis is on the outfit, you can pick up quality bijouterie, but wear only one kind - earrings, pendant, bracelet;
  • The color of the bag must perfectly coordinate with the tone of the outfit. Choose an accessory without an abundance of decorative elements. Discreet and laconic jewelry is acceptable;
  • The ideal shoes for the evening dress are pumps on stilettoes. Choosing them, you should bet on the classics, and the same goes for the color. It is desirable that it was not bright, but it is necessary to abandon the matte versions.

Harmonious look is the one in which absolutely every detail complements each other. The right choice of accessories allows to achieve this.

Harmonious look is the one in which absolutely every detail complements each other.

Evening gowns in Kiev in the showroom Novias

Stylish, luxurious, eye-catching - that's how they should look. But in the pursuit of beauty, it's easy to go too far and buy not very "tasty" instead of a spectacular outfit. This mistake is never made by clients of the Novias salon. Only the best models of outfits are presented in the assortment, made with precise observance of refined style requirements and fashion trends.

Buy evening gown in Kiev in our salon of evening fashion for a pleasant price of 2023, and it will become the pride of your closet.

There is no rental of evening dresses in our salon. All dresses that we offer are new and this is our philosophy for 14 years.
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An evening gown is best paired with exquisite jewelry such as crystals or sterling silver necklaces, as well as a clutch or handbag to complete the look. The choice of shoes may depend on the style of the dress, but high-heeled shoes are often an elegant choice.