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How to choose a veil?

The veil is a traditional detail of the wedding image and, despite the fact that many girls now prefer loose curls or just a neat hairstyle, the charm and tenderness of the veil has not been canceled. Today we will share with you recommendations on how to choose the right veil for a wedding dress so that it harmonizes with the dress and at the same time complements your image. The most important rule - choose a veil after you have decided on a wedding dress.

How to choose a veil for a dress

The veil should harmonize with the dress in style, color and finish, but may differ in shape:

  • the tighter the cut of the dress, the more magnificent and voluminous the veil can be afforded;
  • and vice versa - to a lush, richly decorated dress requires a more modest veil. Otherwise you risk getting lost in a huge amount of tulle, lace, ribbons and rhinestones.

You can also choose a veil - a train, perfectly combined with a short veil, which forms the upper tier. After the ceremony, the long lower layer can be removed and the upper left, thus preserving the overall image of the bride all evening.

The main and indisputable condition when choosing a veil is its combination with a wedding dress:

  • if the wedding dress is decorated with draperies, frills, flowers or ruffles, you should choose a simple veil;
  • for a dress of elegant style and strictly cut without abundance of a decor both simple, and lacy, elegant veil is allowed.
  • Jewelry on the veil does not necessarily have to match the jewelry on the dress, the main task is to avoid disharmony.

 Multi-tiered veil

When choosing a tiered veil, you need to pay attention to the top layer, which covers the face. Its edge must be 2-3 cm above or below the neckline of the selected dress. Tiers can be the same or different lengths. At the same time, they can gradually increase from the shoulder line to the waist.

When choosing a veil decorated on the edge with narrow lace or delicate exquisite embroidery, pay attention to the harmonious combination of the veil with the individual details of the wedding dress. The veil with a small application looks elegant.

Which veil to choose: short, long ...

A short veil creates a seductive and feminine image for the bride.

The veil of average length is the most popular modern option, suitable for almost all silhouettes of dresses. The long veil, decorated with wide lace, is perfect for a wedding and brings solemnity and grace to the wedding ceremony. Perfect for a dress with a train.